Types of Service Agreements

We offer two types of service agreements


This agreement is costed on an annual basis whereby the cost varies dependent on the service requirement of each extinguisher. The basic consumables required in each service is included in the unit cost. These requirements are as laid by BS 5306 3 .


This cost is agreed at the start of the agreement and includes all the requirements required to ensure the extinguishers are serviced to the required BS 5306 3.  A percentage of the extinguishers are extended serviced each year so as to keep a schedule ongoing. This plan includes carbon dioxide and wet chemical extinguishers which most other companies charge extra for. The period can be fixed for either a 3 or 5 year so ensuring a budget can be set.  This option can also be tailored to replace extinguishers during each service.This ensures any older extinguishers are replaced and the situation of suddenly finding a large number requiring replaced is avoided.

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