Extinguisher Types

There are advantages and disadvantages with most extinguishers, therefore advice is best sought before any purchases.

Used for Class A Risk : Wood , Paper, Textiles etc.

Water extinguishers are one of the most common used, as all premises have Class A risk. Modern water extinguishers are safe if they accidentally come into contact with electrical equipment up to 35KV as the spray discharge does not conduct electricity. The extinguisher must display.

Passed 35Kv Conductivity Test
Must be serviced annually

Water Extinguisher

FOAM (AFFF) Extinguisher

Used for Class A Risk as above and also for Class B Flammable Liquids.

Also, very good for Class A risk and have the benefit of being safe on Flammable liquid.

Must be serviced annually

Used for Mixed Risk Class A and Class B and also safe on electrical risk.

Although powder is a multi-use extinguisher it should not be used indoors. (BS 5306 Pt3 Clause 5,4,3.) unless mitigated by a Health and safety risk assessment. It can cause material damage and obscure vision.

Must be serviced annually

POWDER Extinguisher


Used for Electrical Risk and small Class B

The main use is for electrical risk and small flammable liquids. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are very high-pressure containers and must not be operated without a securely attached discharge horn or hose. The discharge is extremely cold and must not come into contact with the skin as severe freeze burns will follow.
Must be serviced annually.

Used for Class F Risk - Deep Fat Fryers

This is the only safe extinguisher to use on Deep Fat Fryers.

WET CHEMICAL Extinguisher

Additional Products we can offer

In addition to our Service and Supply of extinguishers we also offer the following products. A complete range of safety signs and all sign requirements. Anything not mentioned, contact us and we will endeavour to help

  • Extinguisher stands and cabinets
  • Fire hose and reels
  • Standpipes and Lay Flat hose
  • First Aid kits
  • Fire Blankets
  • Self Contained alarms
  • Dorgard Fire Door Retainers
  • Panic bolts and spare tubes