We can offer honest advice from technically qualified staff who are not just commission-based sales people. We are also local and offer free advice.

Fire extinguishers are life saving equipment and under BS 5306 are required to be serviced on a regular basis (yearly) to ensure they are in a safe working order.

All extinguishers require a Basic Service yearly. Every 5 years they require a Extended Service except Carbon Dioxide which is 10 years.

Different type of fires require different extinguishers. A survey from a competent person is usually the best starting point and from us it is free.

Yes The Fire Law Scotland states that staff must be trained in What to do in the event of a fire.

British Standards 5306 Pt3, Pt8 and Pt9 relate to the servicing, locating and refilling of fire extinguishers. As these standards get amended and changed this is one reason for using a competent company who are part of a recognised trade body.

All extinguishers are required to be commissioned by a competent person when being put into their final location. When buying on line you just get what is in the box. You then must have them commissioned by a competent person to comply with the standards. This is an added cost and you may have bought the wrong type for you premises.

One who has had on the job training, technical knowledge, experience and has attended a recognised course and passed both a written examination and a practical examination. They are also required to attend a refresher course every 3 years.

All extinguishers must carry the CE mark as a minimum. Most extinguishers also carry the British Standards kitemark, if being used in the marine industry then also the Ships Wheel mark.

Yes, we can supply most associated equipment which includes but not limited to Signage, Stands, Fire Blankets, Cabinets, Self-Contained Alarms. Just give us a call and we will endeavour to assist.